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Pets Drinking Bowls Supplies


Safety material: No BPA. Made of environmentally friendly food-grade plastic. Non-rusting springs ensure the health of pets.
Keep the water clean design: The floating base does not touch the ground, which can prevent the growth of stains and keep the water quality clean and fresh.
Automatic refueling: natural gravity supply system, no power supply, environmental protection, slow dispenser, very suitable for pet parents with a busy lifestyle. Holds 2.8L of water.
Easy to clean: the ball and the chassis can be separated, and can be rinsed directly with water, it is recommended to clean once a week
The floating base is designed to protect and help keep the water clean and fresh.

How to use drinking fountains

To fill the drinking fountain, turn it upside down, pour the water through the ball nozzle, turn it upside down, and then fix the base. The innovative connector prevents water leakage until the bottle is firmly fixed to the base.

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