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Pet Dog Hair Trimmer Comb


Multi-functional design, for hair trimming and de-tangling.

Hair razor combs are used to shorten, shape, and thin the hair. The safety shielded razor protects skin from being scratching.

Removable blade for easy cleaning and replacement.

Comfortable handle for easy grip,

Provided two replacement blades, convenient and durable.

How to Use:

Foot: The foot is a sensitive area and should be brushed gently. Lift the end of the foot naturally in the direction of the joint without bending.

Tail: Appease while shedding.

Back and abdomen: brush gently in the direction of the hairs.

Neck and head: the back of the ears and area around the neck are easy to frizz and should be brushed gently.

Package Includes:

1 x Comb

2 x Blade

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