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Folding Silicone Travel Dog Bowls


Safe&Healthy: made of safe and non-toxic material,so you do not need to worry it will be bad and harmful to you and your pet dogs. It is also durable and has a long service life.
Easy to store: this silica gel bowl with folding design can be stored easily without too much effort. You can fold it and hang it through the hook, which is durable and prevent losing.
Large capacity: with large capacity silicone bowl design, it can meet the majority of dog food demand,and you do not need to afraid that your dog have not enough water or food to eat, and they will be hungry.
Many choices: there are several colors for option, and there is always one that makes you like it. The Colorful design can show your unique taste of fashion.
Hygiene: it can ensure that your dogs can have the clean water to drink to get away from the bacteria.

Package Include:
1x dog bowl

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