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Cute 7PCS/Set Parrot Birds Toy


Bird swing toys, composed of timber, edible dye painting. Bright colors attract parrot and small animals' attention.
Suitable for all kinds of pet birds like parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, and lovebirds.
Also can be a toy for small animals, like squirrel, chipmunk, mice, hamster.
It is a suitable size for the case to install. (reference the cage size before you buy).

 Make sure the pets have enough space to play.
When the pet play on it, he or she can play with the swing for a long time,

because it is always a best friend for birds. It is a special design for birds and small pets, who like this kind of toy very much.


Material: metal + cotton + wood.
Color: random. (due to the random color, when buying several products, it may send the same color)


Wood bead rotation: about 1m.
Rattan ball string: 5 * 20cm.
Spool string: 3 * 12cm.
3 bells string: 22cm.
6 bell string: 20cm.
Swing: 10 * 11.8 * 15cm.
Cotton rope: 12 * 13cm.
Suitable for birds: small and medium birds.

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